• Genopets: the world’s first Solana-based mobile money game

  • In recent years, we have seen a rise in the popularity and adoption of video games. Players typically enjoy the feeling of living through the development and evolution of their characters. What’s more, the interactive nature of the gameplay in most of these video games makes customizing and playing these characters a fun, enjoyable and engaging journey. The popularity of Non-Forgible Tokens (NFTs) is also currently surging (since the beginning of this year), which has led to a growth in their various use cases. Developers have found ways to combine these two technologies together – video games and NFTs – which has led to the emergence of play-to-earn games that are now leading the future of gaming.

    In traditional games, when players use in-game currency to buy rare accessories or improve their character’s abilities, those items they buy stay in the game. Players cannot transfer them to other games, and once they stop playing, all of their money, in-game items, and time spent are lost. However, NFT games are changing that. By having NFTs, players can own the things they earn and buy in the game.

    Elements of Genoverse

    $GENE Token – This is a fungible token that is used for collateral and management purposes, and it represents ownership of Genoverse.Holders of GENE tokens can vote on future gameplay of Genoverse, and they can also use their tokens to earn rewards.

    $KI Token – This is a fungible in-game token that is used to reward players who have earned it for purchasing a habitat. The $KI tokens are used to craft and design habitats and other items, to accelerate the evolution of genetic pets, and to use in combat.

    XP – These are experience values that are in a state in Genopet’s NFT metadata, and they increase as the user and Genopet take more actions. Once the required experience values are obtained, the Genopet can be upgraded.

    Habitats – These are where Genopets live and evolve. Habitats can be purchased or crafted using $GENE, $KI.

    Why Genopets?

    Genopets is a platform that encourages us to meet, love, embrace and grow our users.

    Encouraging players to be honest and recognize who they are

    Players must be kind and embrace who they are

    Players must have the courage to evolve.

    Dual Token System

    The Genoverse ecosystem is backed by a dual token system. The tokens are $GENE and $KI, which are backed by the multi-currency Solana.Genoverse pets in the Genoverse ecosystem are supported and managed through the use of the $GENE token. The token is used for utility and governance.

    Genopets are managed and supported by locally fungible $GENE tokens, which will be used for utility and governance. Players will receive $KI tokens daily as in-game rewards for their actions and their battles.

    VIP Access

    Holders of GENE will have priority access to the release of new content within the game.


    Players with $GENE will be able to vote and decide on new features in the game, including items, gameplay, quests, locations, and new integrations.

    Get rewarded for your bets

    Players/users on the Genopets platform can join a decentralized reward pool that makes them eligible for in-game currency $KI.


    Phase 1 Cultivate, develop trade mint your genetic pet as your representative as a habitat owner, move daily to earn $KI tokens collect and trade items in NFT games move XP and evolve your genetic pet

    Phase 2Battle and NFT marketplaceBattle with friends in a cognitive mini-gameLeaderboard social mechanicsPhase 3Real world integrationTeam PvP battlesSpectator prediction marketplace

    Stage 4 Mission Mode Story Mode PvE Missions Team PvE Missions

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