• Get Spooky with The Sandbox’s NFT Halloween Collection

  • Halloween is almost here, and so are some insanely spooktacular NFTs from artists in The Sandbox’s Creator Fund! The Creator Fund is an initiative to support artists by rewarding and incentivizing them to create 3D assets for The Sandbox platform.

    There are only a few days left to get your hands on new spooky NFTs to experience the metaverse with. The limited-edition NFT sale runs until October 22 on The Sandbox marketplace, along with a special one-of-a-kind NFT up for auction on OpenSea. The NFTs can be used to build an experience in The Sandbox with its Game Maker software. This can then be published into LANDs in the metaverse to monetize.

    For the next three days, a few different NFTs are dropping. This includes; 50 copies of a Killer Teddy, and 10 copies of a Black Plague Doctor, 50 Stone Altar NFTs, and 10 Jack O’Lantern Dinosaurs. On the last day of the sale, on Friday, there will be six unique and stunning NFTs available to purchase. These NFTs are “Mr Pumpkin” wearables and equipment that can be added onto your avatar. The auction will feature an exclusive Halloween art NFT, an animated band decoration designed by PandaPops.

    Make sure to have both $SAND and ETH in your wallet in order to participate in the sale!

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