• Get Wrecked NFT series lets you play against chess masters

  • Fancy yourself the next Elizabeth Harmon?Well, now you can take on a chess master. Test your skills with Chess Champs ‘Get Wrecked’ NFT.

    Chess Champs is the leading supplier of NFTs in the chess world. The company is releasing a unique NFT along with an unforgettable collector’s experience at today’s auction.

    The auction ends at 06:00 CET on 22 November. The tournament in which the winner will participate (3+2 Blitz) will take place on 24 November at 20:00 CET.

    NFT highlights one of the legendary moves of chess master Anish Giri in the chess world. The winner of the auction will receive a 1/1 special edition NFT called Giri v Carlsen 58.Kg4 (Gold).

    Highlighted by a match between Anish Giri and Magnus Carlsen at the 2021 MCCTMagnus Carlsen Invitational, the Get Wrecked Chess NFT highlights one of Giri’s beautiful knockout moments.

    The winner of the auction will challenge Anish Giri in a blitz match. the chances of Grandmaster Anish Giri losing the match are very slim, but who knows, anything can happen. Also, if the challenger wins the tournament, they will win many prizes worth up to 18 ETH.

    Finally, The Get Wrecked NFT is part of the Chess Champions Queens Series Gold Edition. This series showcases the 20 greatest moments from the Meltwater Champions chess tour earlier this year. The upcoming auction features the legendary moves of Hakura Nakumara, Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

    The first auction was a huge success. Avid chess enthusiast Peter Bommel had the opportunity to play against 3-time American champion Wesley So. He lost, but he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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