• Glenfiddich and BlockBar to sell ultra-rare whisky NFTs

  • As the world of NFT matures, more high-end luxury brands are recognizing the potential of the medium. With this in mind, whisky artisan Glenfiddich has partnered with alcoholic beverage entrepreneur BlockBar.

    On October 19 at 2pm UTC, the esteemed duo will come together to launch 15 bottles of the second best whisky on the block. This supreme tipple, a 46-year-old example, began its journey in 1973. This fine liquid was aged in American oak barrels for 25 years, completing the maturation process in Armagnac casks before finally being bottled in 2019. This journey has seen the rise of not only cryptocurrencies, but also the entire evolution of the internet itself.

    Once acquired, the owner has the option to trade it on the open market or, alternatively, redeem it for physical goods. However, upon redemption, the non-counterfeitable tokens are burned and lost forever. Until then, BlockBar will maintain the bottles in a specialized storage facility in Singapore.

    In the spirit of innovation, Glenfiddich sees this as an exciting opportunity for the brand. They have hinted at an ongoing relationship with the buyer due to the traceability of the blockchain. As a result, it is expected that owners will be eligible for exclusive offers from the company, including virtual distillery tours, as well as expert advice related to whisky.

    Priced at $18,000, Glenfiddich’s 46-year-old Armagnac Cask Finished Whisky is perfect for any incredibly special occasion.BlockBar will accept payments via Ether and credit card.

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