• GMoney Launches Fully On-Chain Arcade Game Brick Breaker

  • Blockchain innovator, GMoney, looks set to disrupt the NFT space with the launch of his latest project and pushing the boundaries of possibility by developing an entirely on-chain NFT video game.

    In true pioneering spirit, GMoney, along with GM420 launched ‘Brick Breaker,’ a highly addictive video game styled after the classic Arkanoid series. In the game, players must operate a bat and ball mechanic to destroy as many GMoney inscribed blocks as possible, all while preventing the sprite from disappearing into the great void.

    What makes the game special however, is that GMoney condensed its modest 1mb file size down to just 15kb. Then stored the entire game on chain, distributing 2,500 copies as NFTs. Each token, representing a single, fully interactive copy of the game that is open for anyone to play. However, only NFT owners have the honour of scoreboard representation.

    Despite its simple appearance, GMoney has created something truly groundbreaking. It manifests as a purely on-chain, that is open for all to play, providing a tangible benefit to owners while maintaining an equal footing for all competitors. Perhaps, a perfect blend of possession, accessibility and gamesmanship.

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