• Goose Island Beer Company Release NFTs With Rare Experiences Included

  • Goose Island Beer Co is releasing its first ever NFT collection: The Goose Island Barrel House Collection of NFTs. This collection will feature Chicago’s most famous Bourbon County Stout, in conjunction with its 30th anniversary.

    Goose Island Beer Company’s Bourbon County Stout

    The company is releasing 2,022 NFTs to commemorate the 30th anniversary and its entry into the Web3 space. The launch on the company website is inspired by the innovative brewing process of Bourbon County Stout. Given that beer folks will queue up to get one of these bottles, Gear Patrol calls this drop the ‘Supreme drop’ of the beer world.

    The NFTs will be split into 3 tiers: Select (1992 pcs), Reserve (29 pcs), and 24k Gold Edition (1/1). Buyers cannot choose their tiers, but it will be randomly assigned to them. Therefore, all 3 tiers will sell at $399 a piece, plus tax. To include the whole Goose Island Beer community, the company will allow the use of credit cards. Others can opt for BTC, ETH, or USDC.

    Each NFT tier will unlock different benefits and access. The Select tier holders will get a throwback Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Tap handle from the Goose Island vault. They will also get a used barrel stave and a limited edition snifter. On top of that, the Reserve holders will get a branded digital frame to display their NFTs, and a used custom barrel head.

    At the very top, the 24k Gold Edition NFT holder will get a VIP barrel display shelf with a 2022 BCS bottle. The holder also gains access to an exclusive Bourbon County vintage tasting with a Goose Island Beer brewer.

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