• GuardianLink.io releases exclusive NFT collection to celebrate Asia’s first metaverse wedding

  • Asia’s first-ever metaverse wedding is just upon us. The highly anticipated wedding ceremony is now only 2 days away! We can already hear the wedding bells ringing as Dinesh Kshatriya and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy prepare for their Hogwarts-themed virtual wedding. This is a momentous occasion not only for the couple, but also for the Asian NFT community as a whole. To celebrate this event, GuardianLink.io is launching the event’s exclusive NFT collection on Beyondlife.club.

    Wedding NFT collection

    Sponsored by CoinSwitch.co, GuardianLink.io introduced a collection of artwork that features a combination of Harry Potter and Cyberpunk-themed designs. The NFT collection consists of 12 different designs. 11 of these NFTs (ERC 721) are designs featuring the bride and groom, and the bride’s later father. The 12th NFT (ERC 1155) is the viral wedding invitation itself.

    Since the NFT drop on BeyondLife.club, fans have been actively trading these exclusive pieces. Shockingly, one of the sales even closed at $4,450, a very long way from its $10 mint price. There are still 2 days until the actual event, who knows if the price will go up even further.

    GuardianLink.io has pioneered in the blockchain and NFT space since 2016. Since then, the company has developed Anti.Rip and Wallet.Cipher technologies. This development enables them to build a track record of scalability, accessibility, and extensibility, all important elements in NFT auction platforms and exchanges.

    BeyondLife.club represents one of the NFT marketplaces powered by GuardianLink.io. They are responsible for Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs and the BigB Punks NFT.

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