• Hackatao’s Remix Me project lands at MakersPlace

  • The extraordinary art duo Hackatao have embarked on a journey of discovery. In an effort to observe and determine the meaning behind artistic ownership, they have developed a cunning plan. In contemplating these and other difficult questions, they launched the project “Remix Me”.

    With this in mind, Hackatao invited some of the best-known artists to re-imagine some of their finest works. Lines were altered, mediums were crossed, and characters were dismantled. The result is a gorgeous mash-up of styles, thought processes and interpretations associated with the much-lauded original works.

    The project itself is a rallying cry from Hackatao for venerable artists to pick up their various tools. Fight the good fight on the digital canvas and explore what it means to remix artwork.

    The project, in collaboration with the law firm Piselli and Partners and curated by the inspiring Eleonora Brizi, aims to push the limits of the industry, delving deeper than the creators’ previous investigations and scrutinizing the murky edges of ownership in the art world. As a result, this exploration of the inner workings of the medium has borne fantastic fruit. The results will soon be available at MakersPlace.

    Hackatao’s Remix Me will land on September 23rd.

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