• Hannibal Buress is doing comedy NFTs

  • Jambb is converting laughter into non-forgeable tokens (NFTs).

    The company announced that the comedy collectibles startup has raised $3.5 million to create a comedian-centric NFT marketplace on the Flow blockchain.

    The funding round was led by Arrington Capital and Animoca Brands and included investments from Flow developers Dapper Labs, ParaFi Capital, LD Capital, Signum Capital, NextView Ventures, Ascensive Assets and Waterdrip Capital.

    Jambb’s marketplace will host collections of jokes, scenes and memorabilia from a variety of comedians. The Boston-based startup says its marketplace will be similar to Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot, offering video-based collectibles packages of varying lengths, a rep told us in an interview.

    The company hosted its first NFT comedy show in July – “Non-Fungible Jokin'” – which featured content from comedians Pete Holmes, Maria Bamford, Zainab Johnson and Beth Stelling.

    It will next feature Hannibal Buress, whose performance on October 13 was reunited into various digital collectibles.

    Like many of the musician-centric NFT markets that have emerged in recent months, Jambb believes it could help comedians recover from the financial difficulties caused by the pandemic, in addition to creating new ways for comedians to make more personal connections with their fans.

    “Several comedians mentioned going on stage 200 times the year before and 0 times last year,” Jambb CEO Alex DiNuNunzio told us in an interview.” When we produced Non-Fungible Jokin’ in July, most of the performers said it was the first time they had performed in front of a live audience in over a year. We see Jambb as an opportunity to help comedians create new value from the content they produce while growing their community.”

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