• Heroes Motors NFT: Legendary Motorcycles and P2E Metaverse Racing

  • The Heroes Motors NFT collection is bringing rare and historic motorcycles to the blockchain! The project comes from the iconic Heroes Motors motorcycle shop in Los Angeles. Not to mention that the NFT project is building out a metaverse experience featuring exciting NFT motorcycle racing and so much more.

    Heroes Motors launching high-level 3D NFTs

    While Heroes Motors is launching with its 3D motorcycle NFTs, that is far from the end of it for the promising new project. To that end, the team already has further NFT drops that it is building towards. To list, this includes sidecars, drivers, and wearables. Not only that, but all of the NFTs will be fully 3D and metaverse-ready.

    In essence, Heroes Motors is building the very first motorcycle racing game in the metaverse. In short, the game will see players competing to make the rarest combination of motorcycle and driver. Of course, the NFT sidecars and wearables will also have in-game utility.

    What’s more, the Heroes Motors NFT game will have play-to-earn features. Thus players will be able to win rewards through these motorcycle races in the metaverse. Besides building their best racing combos, playing, and earning, NFT holders will also be able to socialize in the metaverse with the community.

    To that end, Heroes Motors has already secured NFT Worlds #3186. Thus, the team will build its circuit for NFT motorcycle races on the hugely popular platform. In addition, Heroes Motors intends to make its next vintage NFT vehicles usable in the metaverse. This means that holders will be able to use them not just in NFT Worlds, but also in other metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

    Serge Bueno is the visionary artist behind the motorcycle shop

    Heroes Motors was founded by Serge Bueno, a renowned French designer whose career spans back to the 90s. Following his passion for motorcycles, Bueno opened up the Heroes Motors shop in Los Angeles in 2015. There he and his team restore rare motorcycles and sell them to a high-profile clientele.

    Serge Bueno’s work has won awards in the past: at the 2017 and 2018 Steve McQueen Show, and the 2017 and 2018 Beverly Hills Concours D’elegance. Furthermore, some of Bueno’s work has a home at the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

    Incredibly, some of the motorcycles are as much as 100 years old. Also, the restored bikes frequently sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without a doubt, Heroes Motors will be bringing its real-world expertise with vintage motorcycles to the NFT space.

    By the same token, another important goal of Heroes Motors is to create the first biker community in the metaverse. To serve this goal, the Heroes Motors NFTs will come with a whole host of IRL utilities. Indeed, holders will get a Heroes Motors membership for events, free merch, and discounts. Notably, the Heroes Motors clothing brand is sold at 100 Macy’s department stores throughout the US.

    Although Heroes Motors is in its early stages, its business track record, outstanding artist-founder, and numerous utilities put it in position to be a notable collection.

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