• Hic et Nunc finds solution after abrupt shutdown

  • Since last week, the entire NFT Twitterverse has been baffled by the sudden disappearance of the popular CryptoArt marketplace Hic et Nunc. Without any explanation, the platform went down, its smart contracts were tweeted, and the Twitter bio became ‘discontinued’.

    It seems that the mystery that has plagued the field has finally been solved. While it is unclear why Rafael Lima, the creator of Hic et Nunc, decided to shut down the successful NFT marketplace, a solution has been found. According to various opinions, Lima simply got tired of Hic et Nunc and in the true spirit of decentralization, he has handed the platform over to the community and it will now operate as a DAO.

    The community’s reaction to the platform’s sudden closure has not been entirely positive. Many feel ripped off, some even claiming it was a carpet pull, which seems to be happening more and more frequently in NFT land these days. While the front end of the site is gone, all of the monumental smart contracts listed on NFT can now be seen on objkt.com.

    Hic et Nunc launched in March of this year and quickly made headlines as it surpassed OpenSea in May in terms of daily users. artists and collectors alike quickly adopted the platform because it uses the Tezos blockchain instead of ethereum, making it low on gas and energy efficient. hic et Nunc made $50.37 million before shutting down a few days ago in sales with over 48,000 traders.

    Therefore, what happens next with Hic et Nunc depends on the community. For now, users can rest assured that their NFT is safe and that the platform will likely be resurrected, stronger and better than ever.

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