• Hidy Yu’s participation in the Save the Great Barrier Reef NFT project

  • Hidy Yu, an artist who specialises in deep sea diving, posted online that she had been invited to promote a fundraising event in Australia for the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef. She wrote: “This is particularly meaningful as it is the first time that Hong Kong and Australia are working together to raise funds for the Australian Great Barrier Reef and marine conservation charity, Citizens Of The Great Barrier Reef, by launching 100 ‘Yuen Fook Turtles It’s a great way to buy a trendy NFT and support a good cause for the environment at the same time!

    Hidy has always been a good sport and has teamed up with friends to clean up litter in Hong Kong waters. She has also been invited to be an ambassador for many international organisations, including the ADEX Asia International Diving Exhibition and the Miss Dive International Competition. This time, she was asked to promote Save the Great Barrier Reef, and she said, “My first dive was on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and my first NFT in life was the Yuen Fook Turtles. I hope everyone will actively support and protect our beautiful ocean!”

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