• Hong Kong’s first magazine set foot in NFT, teaming up with Allan Banford to create six new works

  • The six NFTs are available on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT platform, and six different covers will be available on “#legend” in March 2022, confirming Hong Kong’s first magazine’s foray into digital art.

    The series’ vibrant and contrasting color palette will refresh the viewer’s mood in an increasingly depressing and unstable atmosphere, and the six NFT buyers will receive physical cover art signed by the artist at the same time, reflecting the creative and innovative spirit of the artist and “#legend”.

    Allan Banford goes beyond traditional fine art and is the first artist to sell his work in virtual blockchain currency. In 2013, his painting “The Lonely Star” was sold for 25,000 Bitcoins and is now worth nearly $1 billion. This collaboration is the first step towards building the “Artiverse”.

    The first phase of this collaboration has already been launched at OpenSea with six digital artworks for sale for one Ether (Ethereum) each. More NFT projects will be launched in the second phase of “#legend”.

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