• Hottest Metaverse Conference Ever: MetaWeek Dubai Comes In March 2022

  • As great as metaverses are, people cannot seem to get enough of IRL NFT/metaverse events. This March, MetaWeek Dubai 2022 is set to host a long list of blockchain masterminds, NFT creators, DeFi spearheads, and many more. This live event is hosted by NexChange Group, and it is to be held in Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, from 7-10 March 2022.

    Metaweek Dubai is set to host more than 1,000 participants from more than 50 countries. Reportedly, their 100+ speakers are ready to blow our minds, whilst enlightening us about the future. Plus, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, the event will also feature some of the women leading the forefront of the blockchain space. Dubai’s Metaverse Conference is getting off to a great start- that’s for sure.

    Living in Dubai? Don’t miss MetaWeek 2022

    MetaWeek 2022 will host a 2-day conference, diving into financial and non-financial applications of blockchain technology. This includes new trends in media, tech, investment and finance, in both the physical and digital worlds.

    Plus, the Dubai-based Metaverse Conference will set up an exhibition area for various projects and host their own exhibition too. Actually, the 4-day event as whole aims to highlight interconnected areas in the blockchain space and IoT and AI spaces.

    Now, tickets to Metaweek in Dubai are currently on sale with 4 available tiers. Basically, access to the exhibition area and the NFT exhibition are free for all. Meanwhile, the $59 General ticket will grant access to the main summit.

    Essentially, the $299 VIP ticket will include a ticket to the Welcome Party, hosted at the rooftop of Dubai’s Grand Millennium Hotel. Actually, it doesn’t stop there for this Metaverse Conference. In short, the Welcome Party will feature Paris, the metawoman, who will premier her new metaverse song. Then, for the most exclusive guests, the $2,499 Black Card ticket will grant access to most side events in MetaWeek 2022.

    Confirmed Speakers At MetaWeek 2022

    Metaweek confirmed speakers will be the main attraction of the power-packed week in Dubai. Some of these top speakers include managing partner of Ghaf Capital, Sheikh Almualla; bitcoin pioneer, Nick Spanos; OGroup CEO, Maja Vujinovic; general partner of Gumi Ventures, Miko Matsumura, and CEO of Earn.Games, Vlatko Gigov.

    One of the top highlights of Metaweek Dubai is the investor panel. Through these sessions, we will get an inside look into the minds of investors and VCs within the blockchain space. Besides that, industry leaders in various fields will share their thoughts and future outlook in their various panels. Whether it’s music, gaming, DeFi, NFTs, this metaverse and blockchain conference in Dubai will bring it all!

    So, if you weren’t already convinced, they also promise fun and entertainment throughout the event!

    Dubai’s Metaverse Conference Hosts: NexChange Group

    NexChange Group is an innovation and media platform, specializing in blockchain, fintech, AI, Healthtech, entertainment and smart cities. Currently, the company’s media coverage includes social media and digital communities, influencers, partnerships and events. Furthermore, the company’s advisory leg is working with many innovative firms to help their growth in the market.

    In conclusion, an event of Metaweek Dubai’s magnitude provides a rare and excellent opportunity. Basically, event-goers will benefit from offline networking and an immersive metaverse experience. Obviously, all IRL events (such as NFT Paris 2022 ) are very insightful with us living in such a digital age. However, trust us- this is an event you do not want to miss.

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