• How Meta Wolves Club NFT aim to Take their Wolf Pack to the Moon

  • Meta Wolves Club is a private and exclusive club that includes 10,000 wolf-based NFTs. The holders of these NFTs will see several benefits within the metaverse and in real life.

    About Meta Wolves Club

    Meta Wolves Club is a collection of 10k NFT wolves set to launch their private sale on the 22nd January at 3PM UTC. The public sale will follow on the 29th January at 3PM UTC. If you manage to get into the private sale, each NFT will cost 0.1 ETH. However, the public sale will see their price increase to 0.15 ETH. Obviously, the private sale is the best chance to mint at the cheapest price possible.

    Apparently, Meta Wolves holders will receive several benefits for their loyalty to the project – both in the virtual and physical world. These benefits include: privileges in the metaverse, the opportunity to participate in the seed private sale as early investors, receiving airdrops, and access to real life events.

    The team told us about their admiration for the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. They have said that they have looked to the team and project for inspiration in creating their own. Overall, the team hopes to provide as valuable an opportunity to their buyers as the BAYC founders did. Similarly, they hope to build their NFT brand to be as famous as the Bored Ape Yacht Club too.

    Giveaways, Benefits and Howling for Success

    Impressively, the Meta Wolves NFT project is looking to provide giveaways to their current and future followers and investors. Reportedly, 1 Special NFT Meta Wolf will get a “To The Moon Ticket” to live a once in a lifetime unforgettable experience, (full details of which you can find on their discord channel).

    Also, 10 Special Meta Wolves Metaverse will immediately receive $10k worth of ETH in their wallets. What’s more, they will also receive a special ticket to attend the first Private Live Event of the MWC. In addition to this, 90 more Special NFT ticket Wolves will receive a ticket to this first event.

    In the future, the project will be minting a 3D ‘Werewolf’, which is the evolution of the wolves, further providing privileges to owners. In order to purchase these, you must hold 2x MWC Wolves initially. Less exclusively, all of the holders will receive guaranteed access to whitelists for future crypto projects in which MWC will participate as a seed investor.

    Last but not least, each Meta Wolves Club NFT owner will receive a free airdrop of 1,000,000 MWC tokens, to the value of 0.15 ETH. Firstly, they say, as a way to give back the mint price. However, the tokens will also be used in the future of the ecosystem of the project.

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