• How to Get Into TreasureDAO With Just $50

  • You can now get into TreasureDAO for just $50! Good news: Barracks and questing are live, so head over to bridgeworld. treasure.lol to start exploring.

    To recap, the Treasure ecosystem is building the decentralized Nintendo for the Metaverse. It is made up of the “console” (and its building blocks), its own play-to-earn games, games from other developers and a launchpad for those games. Users can also trade the games’ assets as NFTs in the Marketplace.

    $MAGIC is the native token and currency of the Treasure ecosystem. Meanwhile, Bridgeworld is the flagship product of treasure. In it, players take control of Legions and mine, farm, craft, quest, battle and more in exchange for $MAGIC tokens.

    How to Get Into TreasureDAO

    So how do you get started? NFT collector and influencer @Anonn_eth shared a comprehensive step-by-step guide to fully participate and get a good sense of the great things the team is building.

    Go to http://bridge.arbitrum.io and send a small amount of ETH to the Arbitrum network, a layer 2 scaling solution on top of Ethereum. 0.1 should cover $MAGIC and gas. Meanwhile, Bridge takes about 10 $MAGIC tokens. After that, just hit “add L2,” and it will add Arbitrum to your wallet.

    The next step is to switch your wallet to Arbitrum and buy at least 10 $MAGIC tokens from Sushi swap. Go to https://bridgeworld. treasure.lol then hit explore after connecting your wallet. After this, you can start exploring the Treasure ecosystem by following these steps:

    Navigate your way to the Barracks, then click approve $MAGIC and confirm the transaction in your wallet with just $3 gas fees. Once that’s authorized, click recruit and then approve that transaction.
    Go to the Ivory tower (or ctrl-B type quest).
    Click select legion and select recruit, then Click Embark. Approve the transaction. await for it to finish. (a few minutes)
    Click Claim rewards, then show. You can get a TreasureDAO consumable that you can sell for about 20-30 $MAGIC tokens.
    Come back in 8 hours and repeat the steps.

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