• HTC Vive Metaverse Promises To Protect Kids From Digital Dangers

  • HTC Vive is introducing parental control into their metaverse. The feature aims to protect minors from falling into potential dangers in the virtual world. With this update, parents can constantly monitor their children’s activities in the metaverse, preventing them from accessing certain content. Furthermore, minors will require parental approval to make any purchase within Viverse.

    Over the past year, there have been various reports on disgusting behavior within various metaverses. According to a BBC investigator, VRChat allows kids to enter virtual strip clubs without any age gating. Inside the rooms, the reporter saw group sex involving children, and also a man instructing a child to remove her clothing. As parents, such an environment is extremely worrisome.

    HTC Vive’s ‘Free Mode’ allows guardians to select specific apps and content that their children are allowed to roam freely in. In addition, the ‘Broadcast’ mode allows guardians to restrict specific apps and content from the children.

    HTC Vive

    Vive is developing Viverse, a metaverse ecosystem that will incorporate an array of Vive products. The Vive Flow VR glasses are compact and lightweight, one of the coolest looking gear in the market. Next, Vive Sync works with Vive Flow to transform any environment into a VR workplace. This feature allows companies to hold meetings and discussions in a distraction-free VR environment.

    In addition, Viveport makes various apps and games available for all users. Another piece to the ecosystem is Vive Studios. They have released 7 Miracles, the first feature-length VR film that depicts the seven miracles of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John.

    HTC Vive is not perfect and has received its fair share of complaints and customer feedback. However, the Taiwanese corporation is clearly making strides in the metaverse space with its breathtaking innovation.

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