• Humanium Metal & Alchemist501 Drop NFTs To End Gun Violence

  • Humanium Metal has partnered with the Maverick collective in an effort to help eradicate gun violence through NFTs. Inspired by Humanium metal, the collection will give all secondary sales directly to HM to take illegal guns off the street. With the help of Tuan Le, an iconic sneaker designer, the three have assembled under the name Alchemist501. Together they will form the first-ever metaverse sneaker collection directly involved in breaking the cycle of gun violence.

    Alchemist501 NFT Drop

    Using the resources at Huamanium, Alchemist501 will become the first-ever NFT collection to rebuild communities affected by gun violence in a verifiable manner. With a foothold across the globe, Humanium has weapon destruction operations from El Salvador to South Africa. Since 2016 HM has destroyed 12.000 weapons in several countries. Now with a recent presence in the US, the team looks for further advancement on the blockchain.

    All secondary sales of the NFT collection will go directly to Humanium Metal for the foreseeable future. In addition, 50% of royalties accumulated through the mint phase will be donated to further the project’s impact on gun violence. The collection will mint exclusively through Nifty Gateway on April 13th at 6:30 pm EST. As a leading NFT marketplace, Nifty Gateway has supported the Alchemist501 project and will directly distribute the charity proceeds. After which, the funds will go to support communities affected by gun violence worldwide.

    Each NFT will have further utility to advance the Alchemist501 brand. At this time, information regarding the added utility has yet to surface. However, each pass will grant holders unique metaverse experiences throughout the web3 ecosystem.

    Gun violence is a global pandemic, with more than 2,000 people injured by gunshots every day. We want to show the world that the NFT community is a beautiful place full of good people, that collectively can become champions of social change by supercharging goodwill into something truly revolutionary.” -501 Team

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