• IMVU to integrate Immutable X for NFT games

  • Immutable X, an extended solution for the second layer NFT protocol Immutable, has reached an agreement with Together Labs to integrate into the platform’s native social tuple IMVU.This partnership will facilitate the creation and distribution of NFTs in the game’s virtual ecosystem.

    IMVU, pronounced “im-view,” is a blockchain simulation game similar to The Sims or Second Life, in which players can design, inhabit and interact with virtual worlds.

    IMVU is powered by 200,000 active creators and 1 million daily active players owned by Silicon Valley-based company Together Labs – a technology architecture dedicated to social media experiences, implementing cryptocurrency and all its ecosystem aspects.

    Immutable X is an NFT-centric blockchain protocol built on the ethereum blockchain that is said to enable 9,000 near-instantaneous transactions per second with ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, with zero gas fees and above-market average scalability through the use of StarkWare’s zk-Rollup.

    Immutable X co-founder Robbie Ferguson outlines the newfound capabilities that IMVU players can experience by interacting with the introduction of NFTs.

    “We are very excited about our partnership with IMVU. With Immutable X’s technology, we are providing scalability to every user of the IMVU metaspace and allowing them to seamlessly trade their NFTs on Ether without compromising the security of their assets.”

    Two weeks ago, Immutable announced a $60 million Series B round of funding from venture capital firms including Alameda Research and VaynerFund. The deal follows the success of blockchain trading card game Gods Unchained and is working to expand its NFT gaming business.

    They have also pledged to uphold pro-environmental practices by implementing zero proof of knowledge, and purchasing offset carbon credits.

    As promised, the partnership with IMVU will enable players to engage in regular game activities – building universes, creating 3D avatars, socializing with other players, buying collectibles and trading the game’s convertible fiat stable VCORE – all while ensuring carbon neutrality.

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