• Instagram NFT Features Launch in 100 Countries

  • Instagram is launching the first NFT service and experience on the platform to more than 100 countries, after an initial trial period with some US-based users. One of the first official sales on the platform will be a one-of-a-kind NFT of a photo of Mark Zuckerberg during his Little League baseball career.

    Instagram’s NFT Launch

    Instagram today announced via its blog that it is growing its NFT service. Earlier this year, Instagram started testing digital collectibles on the platform. And as of yesterday, they are expanding the ability to do so for people, creators, businesses and collectors to share, own, and create NFTs.

    As a part of the Instagram NFT launch, they will support third-party wallet connections from Coinbase Wallet, Dapper Wallet, Rainbow, Metamask and Trust Wallet. The supported blockchains will currently be Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow. They also announced that no fees will be associated with posting or sharing a digital collectible on the Meta-owned platform.

    On the Instagram feed, NFTs will look like posts, and have a tag at the bottom left, named ‘Digital collectible’. Although this is a huge feature, it is not all that they are doing, it is believed that they may help in offering new opportunities for the world to purchase. A clear example of this is Mark Zuckerberg’s NFT that he recently posted to his Instagram profile.

    Instagram’s Commitments for their NFT Launch

    As a company, Instagram often focuses on equality, safety and sustainability. This will continue in relation to their NFT movements. They have said “We focus on empowering diverse voices. We want Instagram to be a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. We are committed to building in this space with sustainability in mind.”

    Through the Words of a Creator

    Natalie Amrossi is a photographer who posts her work on the Instagram platform, she spoke on the Instagram NFT launch, and what it can mean to her and other creators.

    “NFTs have opened the doors to new opportunities for me and other artists worldwide. This new technology provides us with another outlet to make a living and to connect with our fans and collectors. Instagram has helped build careers for so many creatives, including myself, and now our communities can support us further by sharing our work on the platform.”

    What’s Next for Instagram and Meta?

    Meta, and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, have been very bullish on the crypto and NFT space. Remarkably, the name change from Facebook to Meta has stood out, as they hope to expand their metaverse ventures to become a big name in the space.

    In this move of the Instagram NFT launch, they are educating broader audiences on the ever-expanding space. This education includes work being done through the @creators page, with their ‘NFTeach Me’ series.

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