• Invisible Friends Reveals Some 1:1 Characters Won’t Actually be Invisible

  • The highly anticipated Invisible Friends NFT drop is coming up this February and we have fresh updates about the 1:1 characters. The team teased that some of them won’t be fully invisible, a deviation from the teasers we’ve seen so far!

    As one of the most hyped projects in the space right now, any detail about the NFTs is hot news. So the tweet announcing the twist on the rare NFTs was a massive hit in the community. It has close to 5000 likes and counting!

    Invisible Friends 1:1 Characters

    The project hasn’t even launched yet it has over 329,000 followers! A feat that other NFT projects can only dream of. At the get-go, the 5,000 animated NFTs attracted a massive following because of the art created by animator and illustrator Markus Magnusson. Based on some of the sneak peeks the team shared on Twitter, the artworks look simple, eye-catching, and striking. Hence, the clamor of collectors to get their hands on the NFTs.

    So far, all the teasers have consistently featured invisible characters floating around fun wearables and accessories. So most users thought that rarity would be determined by the characters. Now we know that that rare 1:1 characters would stand out easily because, unlike their counterparts, they won’t be invisible.

    The project has the community’s full support judging from overwhelming positive replies on the thread. Hundreds of users said that they couldn’t wait to jump into the project. This is where it gets tricky.

    Unlike most NFT projects, Invisible Friends is planning to make the drop completely pre-sale. This means your best chance to get your hands on these impressive NFTs is to get on the whitelist. The team has been giving away spots to leading communities such as Ghxsts Holders to grow the base.

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