• Isla Obscura prepares for NFT placement in sandbox

  • The upcoming island mystery, Isla Obscura, is poised to take the sandbox by storm. To get the blood pumping in the meantime, the team running the show will be dropping a suite of voxel-based assets.

    Two different series will be available through the Sandbox Marketplace, ranging in price from $52.50 to $2,100. Allies and Enemies Pack #1 will provide all the character immersion needed. It includes a hoard of stranded sailors, naval officers, and undead legions.

    In addition, the Lore of the Zodiac Pack #1, will be supported by a set of adventure based buildings. These temples, massive creaking doors, and iconic decorative skulls will add that touch of beastly atmosphere to any game. Once acquired, these items will be used as required. Keep these items as valuable meta assets, or build your own action-packed adventure.

    Isla Obscura is an exciting new sandbox game from Scottish developer Primordial Game Studios. Adventurers find themselves stranded on a remote island with only their wits to guide them. Make allies, fight deadly hordes of undead, solve intricate puzzles to progress, and traverse 12 unique chapters to discover the true secrets of Aubrac Island. Ultimately, escape to safety with your life and mind still intact. All of the latest assets come from the first chapter, “Skulls, Adorned,” so expect 11 more series to follow.

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