• Jay Chou makes HK$70 million on NFT?Edison Twitter asks for advice : should I buy if I have about HK$7k

  • Edison has announced the upcoming launch of his co-branded NFT with The Heart Project.

    Earlier Taiwan’s King Jay Chou ‘s brand Phanta Bear launched NFT, the price once soared from a mint price (opening price) of 0.26 Ether (ETH) to nearly 8 Ether (ETH), at a market price of US$2,500 per ETH, which means that each Phanta Bear’s recent spending is close to HK$150,000, although recently Although the bottom price has recently dropped to 2.1 ETH, the total trading volume of the entire series has been 28,000 ETH, i.e. nearly HK$540 million. Not counting the commission received from NFT transactions, the project owner has also earned HK$60-70 million from this NFT.

    So it is quite a good way for an artist to make money by relying on his own appeal and then launching NFT under the epidemic. He also took the opportunity to ask foreign netizens on Twitter for their opinions, saying, “Surfing on opensea , cant sleep …… what do yall suggest i pick up thats under .35 eth ??????” Which NFT should I buy if I have 0.35 Ether (ETH) (about HK$7k)?

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