• Journey of Stardust offers a digital comic page in the form of NFT

  • If you love comics and NFT, Journey of Stardust is a unique NFT project that perfectly combines the two. From the struggle between wizards and humans to the impending threats to both, this 100-page digital comic collection will take you on an unforgettable adventure

    What is Journey of Stardust?

    The comic series tells the story of Stardust, a young wizard who is exploring his home world and the human world. As the story unfolds, Stardust discovers the deeper reasons for the conflict between humans and wizards. More importantly, a mysterious entity is threatening to destroy wizards and humans alike.

    Apparently, the artist behind the project will be offering the first 10 pages for free on social media to boost public interest. As for the remaining 90 pages, collectors will be able to access them through OpenSea. So far, collectors have minted two pages.

    To bring Journey of Stardust to life, the creators were inspired by another NFT series, BitColors. This project features hundreds of hand-painted colors, each with its own unique name. In fact, the “Journey of Stardust” NFTs include many of these colors as well.

    Can digital comic NFTs go viral?

    Over the past few years, digital comics have enjoyed a great deal of success – and for good reason. Certainly, the ability to enjoy comics at the touch of a button has created a unique experience. What’s more, we’ve seen legends like Spider-Man and Batman make their debut in the form of digital comics NFT as well – digital comics.

    Journey of Stardust takes two-dimensional storytelling to a new level thanks to a wide range of colors and a compelling storyline. In fact, this one-of-a-kind NFT project set a precedent for the entire market. Since each page is a non-counterfeitable token, its value will increase as collectibles become more popular. Avid fans and collectors will also love getting as many pages as possible in their digital wallets.

    Of course, everyone can read the story – that’s probably what makes it so appealing. In short, multiple collectors can read and own these impressive digital comics. However, it also gives everyone the opportunity to be part of the project by owning one (or more) pages of the story.

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