• Katana Inu Gears NFT Launch, Enables Superb NFT Technology

  • NFT play-to-earn metaverse game Katana Inu has successfully completed its presale event at a record-breaking time under 43 seconds. Furthermore, the network is also set to launch a sales event for its NFT. These NFT’s are integrated with an in-game utility that will offer advantages to all its gamers in the network. All users who will purchase the NFT will have a head start with the launch of the Katana Inu metaverse.

    The NFT sale event of the network will take place on the official NFT website of Katana Inu. It will be backed by investors such as BlueZilla, Master Ventures,IBC Group

    Alpha Crypto, Fish DAO, 2Crazy NFT, Ignition, BCA Investments, and Skyman Ventures.

    In terms of technology, the native token of the network — KATA, will play a big role in driving the mass adoption of the network’s NFT. It will be done by developing unique game offerings with P2E mechanics. This will include the gamification of DeFi options that forms part of the in-game rewards system. Hence, Katana Inu will be able to combine the benefits of DeFi, NFTs, and other blockchain derivatives.

    Best of all, the networks marketplace also supports digital artists that want to showcase, sell or trade their artworks. All profits in the game are reinvested into the Katana Inu platform to help it grow in market capitalization.

    To maintain its market stability, the Katana Inu team continues to work on the phase 2 of its roadmap goals. It will focus more on game development, updates, e-commerce integration, staking launch, NFT-Marketplace launch and other more partnerships.

    The project has obtained its certification from Certik and is looking to boost its security measures with UnoRe to shield its players and platform participants from system flaws and guarantee the safety of investor funds across the ecosystem.

    On the other hand, Katana Inu has set to increase its presence and visibility with a new approach following KATA listing on several popular crypto exchanges. This is one of the kind of resolutions that Katana Inu has geared up to do, to push its platform.

    Moreover, Katana Inu has taken a step forward with a huge workforce to expose angel investors, crypto apes, and traders to its platform alike. Investors and traders can purchase KATA tokens while investing directly on the Katana Inu platform. Users can opt in to trade several different KATA pairs, participate in airdrops events, and use advanced APIs for trading to expand Katana Inu’s liquidity.

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