• KidEight NFT: debuts with unique Cupid character and new music

  • Visual artist KidEight is quite well known for his previous projects that have featured notable artists such as Future, Young Thug and Snoop Dogg. Debuting, KidEight’s NFT collection sold out in just minutes after its release.

    KidEight’s NFT offering-EVOL, is a Cupid-inspired character. In addition, the artist plans to launch an 8,000-piece NFT collection at Nifty Gateway on November 30. These will feature his single covers and a few other musical compositions. Well, that’s not enough as KidEight will also be releasing a new mixtape called Anti-hero.

    What is KidEight’s NFT?

    Artist NFT – EVOL depicts a toddler wearing a ski mask.KidEight describes this figure as a symbol of his childhood trauma and duality. Specifically, the ski mask represents the artist’s duality. The upcoming KidEight NFT series will merge his obsession with hip-hop with a new aesthetic.

    KidEight sees NFT as a great opportunity to interact directly with his fans. The artist also feels a sense of freedom in his NFT project. He says EVOL will be historic. In addition, the technology has helped many independent artists and labels showcase their work.

    His future release

    The creator has big plans for the future. He airs some leaks from his upcoming track “She Belongs to the Blockchain” to all EVOL NFT holders.

    Moving forward, the upcoming collection will contain tracks from different parts. These parts will serve as traits of the meta-universe. Finally, these traits will be tied to the visual art collection. His latest video – “Gospel” – also embeds some glimpses of the anti-hero series.

    According to the artist, “EVOL Empire will undoubtedly showcase the possibilities of the industry moving forward.”

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