• Latinum to Launch World’s First Bitcoin-Enabled NFT Marketplace

  • BitcoinLatinum is ready to launch the first NFT marketplace running on the Bitcoin network. The initiative, called Unico NFT, aims to write a new chapter in the development of NFT.

    Latinum is a subsidiary of the broader Monsoon blockchain, and what they are developing is an insured, asset-backed, next-generation cryptocurrency. Through this, they have developed what is essentially a second layer solution parallel to the Bitcoin network. As a result, they have created a marketplace that accepts payments in both BTC and the Latinum local currency, LTNM.

    They believe this new innovation will unlock the liquidity stored in Bitcoin and give a huge boost to the NFT industry. Bitcoin Latinum itself runs on an energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm that benefits from fast transactions and low fees. However, these benefits will only apply to LTNM USD payments, while BTC USD transactions will be relatively expensive and slow.

    For the initial launch, Latinum promises to offer thousands of NFTs with a wide range of unforgeable tokens. As such, all traditional collectibles, artwork and gaming assets will be available at launch. In addition, Latinum promises to reinvest 80% of all profits through the Unico NFT platform, thus providing continued growth for the $LTNM token.

    Looking ahead, Unico NFT intends to become a full chain with plans to include Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon as well.

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