• Lau Yi-tat’s music NFT “The Abbot’s Roots” inspires Hong Kong people

  • The article is full of reminiscences of Hong Kong’s golden decade, and is full of emotions from the past, soothing Hong Kong people who are affected by the epidemic. In the article, Lau Yee Tat reveals that he wants to release pure music, but because of the epidemic and the lack of venues, he decided to share his recent compositions in the form of NFT.

    In the article, Lau writes, “Thanks to all of you who have accompanied the Abbot in his search for his roots recently, it has made me want to fulfil a wish I had when I was young, which is to promote pure music. In the current climate, the platform is so narrow and even the venue is a problem, the only way for the Abbot to share my demos and new pure music with you is through NFT, which will be announced on Sunday.”

    The band is releasing three new songs on the NFT platform OpenSea, including “World’s Dread”, a tribute to British band Pink Floyd’s guitarist David Gilmour, “White Light”, a song about love and rebirth, and “Lover”, a remix of “The Best Love Fury”, which he sang for Fan Xiaoxuan. Lover’, a reworking of ‘The Best Weapon of Love’, which he sang with Fan. In “The Abbot’s Roots” and his latest release, new music fans will get to know another side of the “Abbot”, while old musicians will hear the young man who was still chasing his dreams and whose heart remains the same.

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