• League of Kingdoms introduces play-to-earn economy with new tokens

  • NFT strategy game League of Kingdoms has announced that a blockchain-based token economy is coming.

    The game is available on mobile and PC. The game’s money making system allows players to earn tokens based on their participation in the game. The governance token LOKA is the first to be introduced to the game. At a later date, League of Kingdoms will introduce the in-game utility token SOD.

    League of Kingdoms is the first DeFi MMO (massively multiplayer online game). There are high hopes for this game and it is growing significantly. According to the developers, there are more than 25.000 active players in League of Kingdoms. Now, gamers can acquire lands and earn resources.

    The introduction of LOKA – short for League of Kingdoms Arena – and SOD will provide a stronger and broader economic tier to the game.

    In addition, League of Kingdoms tokens will provide the mechanics needed to implement a player-controlled governance system. By owning a LOKA, holders will be able to participate in several different ways, including voting, staking and gaining.

    Additionally, League of Kingdoms token holders will be able to purchase and upgrade in-game NFTs. league of Kingdoms will introduce a new NFT system to accommodate this new economy.

    This game is huge. You can build your kingdom and join alliances with others to participate in raids against the game’s enemies. You can also buy LAND in the form of NFT and use it to earn passive income.

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