• Lecoo Technology and BOE join forces to create the world’s first Meta NFT meta-universe headset

  • On June 16, the day of the seven stars, an online live broadcast is causing a big stir in the 3C digital industry. Meta Universe headphones, virtual digital avatar MING, the first Chinese beatbox “Bozi”, and eStarPro team ……, all seemingly unrelated elements, were all created by the “Come to the cool Meta Universe Electro The “Future World” event was a fusion of seemingly unrelated elements.

    In the third year after the outbreak, Lecoo Technology, a domestic digital retail unicorn, continues to increase its cooperation with major brands. In March this year, Lecoo joined hands with BOE (BOE), a global innovative IoT company and a leading global semiconductor display product company, to create the first headphones of the meta-universe scene.

    During the live broadcast that day,Lecoo released the world’s first Meta NFT meta-universe headset pilot film. The strong support of BOE (BOE) was inseparable behind this innovative product, and tens of thousands of netizens witnessed this historic moment together.

    BOE has the world’s leading full range of ADS Pro ultra-hard screen products and solutions, which is second to none in the industry with its unique advantages of ultra-wide viewing angle, ultra-high color gamut, ultra-high refresh rate, and healthy eye protection. During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, BOE’s 8K, IoT and other innovative technologies sparked international attention during the opening ceremony and throughout the event.

    In the past few years, Lecoo has been building a smart retail “OMO online and offline joint marketing” system, and has made a series of active explorations in building a smart retail model, focusing on “sales”, “service” and “service”. We have made a series of active explorations in building a smart retailing model, focusing on the four major sections of “sales”, “service”, “social” and “display”, to build a 3C quality digital smart store brand with digitalization as its core. We have achieved a new model in the new retail by connecting online, offline and sales service, and realizing the management mode of all-time, all-domain, all-chain and all-warehouse through data as the main grip.

    Lecoo Technology also pays close attention to the development trend of the industry and introduces the meta-universe into the digital retail ecosystem, extending the functions of the products in the original OMO system and allowing the meta-universe scene to be fully integrated with the existing retail scene. Prior to this, Lecoo has cooperated with many brands, introduced a large number of digital products to Lecoo Planet, and explored the meta-universe and new retail strategy play together with its partners.

    According to Lecoo’s plan, it will work closely with more ecological partners in the future to better implement the meta-universe strategy in actual operation, creating super IPs and opening up new interactive play. Not long ago, the grand opening of the world’s first touchable metaverse store elaborately built by Lecoo Technology confirmed that the company took an important step in exploring the metaverse ecological field. This time, with BOE (BOE), the two will definitely collide to create more brilliant sparks.

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