• Ledger x POAP Partner To Release A Limited Edition NFT Hardware Wallet

  • Earlier this week, Ledger announced that it will partner with POAP for the launch of its brand new hardware wallet. The Nano S Plus Genesis edition is now available for presale in a limited quantity. Not only that, but everyone who buys the Nano S Plus will be eligible to redeem a Genesis POAP NFT.

    Ledger Nano S Plus buyers to receive a special POAP

    Notably, there were only 10,000 of the genesis edition Nano S Plus wallets in Ledger’s presale. Thus, only 10,000 Genesis POAP NFTs will be minted. The units cost $79 compared to $59 for the Nano S, and $149 for the Nano X. Unsurprisingly, all 10,000 have now sold out.

    Speaking on the partnership with Ledger, POAP’s Lucas Verra said, “Securing and protecting your digital memories, like the POAP you can collect with your Ledger Nano S Plus, is a must for anyone building their lifelong collection.”

    Evidently, the addition of the POAP to the Ledger launch is in part a celebration of a new global partnership between the two companies. Besides the POAP for genesis edition buyers, Ledger will also be able to issue special POAPs for its future events.

    Ledger’s Chief Experience Officer Ian Rodgers gave the following statement regarding the POAP partnership:

    “This partnership with POAP and launch of the Ledger Nano S Plus Genesis Edition at an affordable price marks the acknowledgment that digital assets will only increase as a tool for life experiences, and we want to bring millions more into Web3 securely; as it happens.”

    The industry-leading hardware wallet rolls out more partnerships

    For those who don’t know, hardware wallets like Ledger are physical units that resemble USB drives. Hardware wallets store the private keys for a crypto wallet offline. What’s more, they are sometimes referred to as “cold wallets”. This is in contrast to “hot wallets” like MetaMask which require the signing of transactions online.

    The major advantage of hardware wallets is that they are considerably harder to hack than hot wallets. As a matter of fact, without someone accessing your actual physical wallet and the passwords that secure it, stealing funds secured by a hard wallet is close to impossible.

    Significantly, the POAP-backed Nano S Plus is Ledger’s first new device in 2 years; The company launched the Nano X back in 2019. Notably, the Nano S Plus has the same sized screen and a similar amount of storage as Ledger’s flagship model, the Nano X. However the Nano S Plus lacks the Bluetooth capabilities that the Nano X has. The Nano S Plus also features a unique “Genesis” engraving on its casing.

    People in the NFT space regularly bring up Ledgers’ roster of products in discussions as a go-to option for NFT-compatible hardware wallets. In fact, the company reports that it has sold over 4.5 million Ledger Nano hardware wallets. Indeed this figure for Ledger is far above unofficial estimates of units sold by one of its main competitors, Trezor.

    The popularity of Ledger as a hardware wallet lends itself to partnering, not only with NFT projects and other Web3 brands but traditional brands as well. If the last few months are anything to go by, Ledger is sure to announce more key partnerships like this in the near future.

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