• LegendsOfCrypto Teams Up With NBA Icon Michael Carter Williams

  • LegendsofCrypto (LOCGame), a blockchain-based NFT card game, has ventured into global partnerships aimed at expanding their marketing plans to ensure unparalleled growth for their project.

    NFT Games, NBA, and an extensive marketing plan

    LOCGame has partnered with NBA legend Michael Carter Williams, one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA.

    This partnership is the beginning of a long-term collaboration through which the project can develop a series of personalized NFT cards for the sports icon.

    A team focused on growth

    LOCGame is on track to weave in new marketing content to see this partnership blossom.

    This will set an example for the endless possibilities that the sports world brings to the NFT gaming space.

    Michael Carter Williams will be a regular guest on LOCGame’s podcast, LOCPOD, as the platform’s primary marketing figure.

    Michael will help break down the NFT game to listeners and share more about his interest in the cryptocurrency space.

    Listeners will also get a unique opportunity to learn more about the project from Michael’s personal perspective.

    LOCGame’s CEO and founder , Mik Mironov, noted that “the global collaboration with Michael takes LOCGame Game Studio and the entire project to a completely different level in every way”

    Mironov further added, “Our cooperation with Michael and his team confirms that our strategy and business is destined for greatness.

    We look forward to creative collaborations in the NFT space and bringing LOCGame into the spotlight of the top sports scene in North America and beyond.”

    This partnership makes Michael a strategic member of the LOCGame team who will help bring more cross-collaboration with professional gaming and other NFT projects.

    The project will design 21 personalized cards that will be distributed to Michael and eventually compiled into his game designs based on their rarity.

    The move comes at the same time as the project is finalizing the LOCGame marketplace, where players will be able to obtain these cards.

    A new breed of crypto geek

    As part of LOCGame’s global expansion campaign, Michael Carter Williams will serve as a sports advisor to the team, and his valuable input will help attract more fans and investors to the game, as well as lead the project’s partnerships.

    Michael’s influence on and off the field will help the team attract players, partners and other NFT game enthusiasts to the project with a long-term commitment.

    He will also help revamp the direction of the program as he will bring new perspectives on previously unexplored ideas.

    The cryptocurrency ecosystem has seen a huge uptick, with prominent individuals from all walks of life more eager than ever to explore the ecosystem.

    Celebrities are now leaning towards these growth avenues through aggressive marketing involvement in investing in projects like LOCGame.

    Through this new partnership, LOCGame has opened itself up to new growth opportunities and has set the stage for even greater growth in the future.

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