• LEXIT and dawson Racing announce partnership to launch NFT

    • NFT partnership between Dawson Racing and LEXIT has been formed
    • Real-life experience will be shared via the NFTs that will follow
    • The LEXIT platform goes live in April 2022 where the NFTs too will come up

    The Dawson Racing group is collaborating with LEXIT, a cutting edge NFT (non-fungible token) and DeFi (decentralized finance) stage organization, to send off an interesting assortment of NFTs.

    The Dawson Racing NFTs incorporate both genuine and virtual resources, which makes an income stream for the race group as they play a main job chasing after elective advancements and innovations in the worldwide energy progress in motorsports towards a more practical future.

    The Dawson Racing NFT assortment that will be sent off on NFT Platform www.LEXIT.com incorporates contributions, for example, the capacity to acquire bits of the genuine actual race vehicle, driver suits, and head protectors, as well as driver symbols or similarity collectibles and memorabilia of the race group.

    NFT stage

    Furthermore, selective genuine encounters, for example, VIP admittance to races, meet the drivers and group, and restrictive passes to accomplice occasions and such will be presented through this only through NFTs on LEXIT for the send off of its NFT stage.

    We are unbelievably eager to change into the eventual fate of Dawson Racing with LEXIT, said Simon Dawson, President and VP of Marketing of Dawson Racing. We have been working with LEXIT for a really long time and have found out such a great amount about this space and are excited to at last be in it.

    We are roused to make NFTs from a portion of our many race group resources and propose to our accomplices and backers to be essential for this astonishing excursion for the fans. This is only the initial step of this journey into the future, and we can hardly wait to share more as this advances and fills in the next few long stretches of time.

    LEXIT can’t envision a superior organization to start off the send off of our NFT stage, said LEXIT CEO Amir Kaltak. We began LEXIT.com to empower potential open doors for Investors and Creators and are amped up for our association with Dawson Racing.

    Dawson Racing NFT

    The drop for Dawson Racing NFTs will be sent off on www.LEXIT.com when the stage debuts toward the beginning of April of 2022.

    LEXIT is a stage for changing Intellectual Property into Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Anybody claiming Art, Music, Film/Videos, Patents or Technical Inventions, can join and present a posting for a NFT Launch, gather NFTs, follow/like its cherished makers and can fabricate their NFT personality with LEXIT.

    LEXIT will not long after likewise discharge an expansion of its NFT Launchpad with a mix of its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which will make sent off NFTs quickly accessible for exchanging on LEXIT’s DeFi Pools.

    The NFT Platform will be live in Q4 2021. LEXIT’s Platform will send off in TWO phases. Stage 1 will be the main form of LEXIT’s Platform and the primary item send off of LEXIT. The NFT Launchpad.

    This rendition will feature an extraordinary client experience with a commercial center of single NFT Drops and huge assortments. You will actually want to list, purchase, sell or exchange your NFTs on WWW.LEXIT.COM and become your NFT Identity with our NFT Society work in. Stage 2 will send off the second result of LEXIT’s NFT Platform.

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