• Lionel Messi NFT Collection To Be Launched By Ethernity Chain, ERN Surges 45%

  • Argentine football legend Lionel Messi has teamed up with Ethernity Chain to launch an NFT collection called Messiverse, a set of digitized drawings certified by Messi himself.

    The Messiverse Collection

    Messi announced the Messiverse on Aug. 4 via a brief video on his Instagram page.

    “Football is like art. It’s timeless,” he said, before inviting his viewers to “discover his first NFT series on Ethernity.”

    The superstar’s collection includes four works of art, each one his own.

    “Man from the Future” – a futuristic image of Messi against a blue background, with glowing eyes, looking like a robot.

    “Not to be outdone” – A golden Messi carrying a giant football, like Atlas carrying the sky.

    “The King’s Work” – A chess-themed picture of Messi surrounded by a circle of soccer balls.

    An unexposed piece of artwork

    Each NFT on display was made by an Australian artist named “Bosslogic”, who is known on social media for his work with Marvel and Disney. The final NFT – yet to be revealed – will be shown on August 20 – the day the Messiverse launches.

    The explosive rise of ERN

    These NFTs have either been extremely well received or have high expectations.ERN Token – Ethernity Chain’s native token climbed in value by over 45% after Messi’s announcement.

    Ethernity Chain is no stranger to such dramatic price spikes. Back in March 2021, the token was valued at $74, even surpassing Bitcoin at one point as the weekly hot coin in the US.

    In addition, the blockchain platform has made a name for itself through its partnerships with other superstars. Others such as professional hockey player Alex Ovechkin and former UFC champion Anderson Silva have both launched their respective series on Ethernity.

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