• LoveChain to launch an NFT competition open to all artists

  • LoveChain, a social media platform that celebrates love, has launched an NFT campaign and contest to celebrate artists from around the world.

    About the LoveChain contest

    LoveChain is inviting all artists around the world to “create, design and share their own NFTLove designs”.The LoveChain contest launches on Friday, November 19 and ends on December 10. To enter the contest, users can create their own NFT design that depicts their favorite person or thing. This could be your dog, partner, favorite hobby or favorite recipe, the company says.

    Once completed, participants are invited to share their designs via Twitter, Instagram or DMs on Facebook. Alternatively, they can email info@thelovechain.io. Big Crypto and the NFT name will serve as judges for the NFTLove campaign and choose the winner of the best NFT design. Adam Mazzferro, owner of the project, said.” The exclusivity and artistry of everyone around the world marks the social media platform’s entry into the blockchain as a pioneer of LoveChain. Don’t miss your chance to participate in the #NFTLove campaign.”

    In terms of rewards, they are as follows.

    1st place: $500 $LOV tokens + ability to choose a LoveChain username in advance 2nd place: $300 $LOV tokens + early choice of username 3rd place: $100 $LOV tokens + choice of username

    About LoveChain

    LoveChain is a blockchain-based social media platform that focuses on love. It allows users to create NFTs from the content they post on the platform.Each profile on LoveChain is assigned a cryptographically generated code number that is used to symbolize the uniqueness of the relationships the company wants people to develop in the future. The project is the first social media platform to be built on the Algorand blockchain. It is also innovative in that it is the first social media platform to allow users to create NFTs from the content they post.

    Since its launch in May 2020, they have grown 4,500 followers on Twitter, which is currently the home of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in terms of social media. Additionally, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Discord. Finally, their website is thelovechain.io.

    In fact, they have many different types of users who want to be attracted to this app. It’s not just romantic partnerships that can be created on the LoveChain platform. You can also create a group of users: for family, friends, sports teams, etc. A personal page (similar to other social media): for example “Freckles the Dog” or “Justin Bieber Fanpage”. Finally, you can create a business profile to develop relationships on the brand side.

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