• MakersPlace Donate A Portion Of Their Hackatao Drop To Help Ukraine

  • MakersPlace, the Ethereum based NFT marketplace, sends a clear support message to Ukraine in an act of kindness. The marketplace announced several measures on Twitter, including a donation of the proceeds from an NFT drop today.

    The news today is concerning, and many wonder how they can help those affected by the brutality of war.

    In a tweet to their 105 thousand followers, MakersPlace said, “In response to the situation in Ukraine, we have decided to pull all social comms today, besides the planned Drop with @Hackatao + Twitter Spaces. A portion of the proceeds from today’s Drop will be donated to @RedCrossUkraine.”

    MakersPlace also put a link to the Ukrainian Red Cross in their bio. It is unclear how much the NFT drop will raise in funds, but every little helps people suffering.

    Hackatao is a unique and very distinctive popular artist, so there will be a lot of interest in the project.

    MakersPlace Highlights Art of Ukraine

    In addition to the donations and messages of support, MakersPlace announced they would be spotlighting Ukrainian artists for the next few weeks and months. This move will allow the artists to sell their work and have money available in times of need.

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