• Manifold Launches NFT Studio and Announces Successful Funding Round

  • NFT services platform Manifold recently announced the launch of Manifold Studio and closed a seed round of funding from leading investment firms.Manifold offers creator contracts that enable Web3 creators to have true creative ownership, retain in-chain sources, and interoperate with all major NFT marketplaces.

    Manifold Studio is the next step in development and will combine Manifold creator contracts with a seamless user interface that allows creators to cast NFTs without coding.With this new upgrade, users can launch a contract with the click of a button. In addition, Manifold Studio comes with built-in support for high-resolution video and images, attribute customization, video thumbnail customization, 100% decentralized permaweb storage, and compatibility with major NFT platforms.

    Manifold’s creator contract service was previously only available to the world’s top artists and web3 content creators such as Billelis, JAY-Z, FVCKRENDER, pplplsr, Refik Anadol, Slime Sunday and Steve Aoki.However, with the Manifold Studio launch, anyone will be able to cast NFTs.

    Investment firms a16z and Initialized Capital, participated in the seed funding round. The amount raised has not been disclosed, but the funding will ensure that artists don’t have to pay to use Manifold. In a blog post by Charles Dixon of a16z, the company is eager to invest in Manifold, whose team consists of Eric Diep, Richerd Chan and Wilkins Chung. The three founders have extensive gaming experience and are committed to creating a protocol that works for specific NFT artists and the web3 community as a whole, which a16z is impressed with.

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