• Meet The Sorare of Music: Nafstars – Making YOU The Label Manager

  • Nafstars is quickly establishing itself as the Sorare of the music industry. NFT enthusiasts can now create their own music labels using cards of their favourite artists as well as music accessory cards.

    What is Nafstars?

    In a nutshell, Nafstars is a play-to-earn NFT game spearheaded by music industry veterans Cyril Braun and Romain Delnaud. The game fuses music, the NFT space and gaming by enabling players to create their own music label. One of Nafstar’s biggest shareholders, Jean David Pautet, is also one of Sorare’s investors.

    French artists like Eva Queen and Keen V have already joined the platform. In addition, Nafstars plans to sign more than 50 artists from around the world in the next few weeks.

    Its goal is to become the leading global NFT platform in the entertainment world. With more than 10,000 user accounts, an experienced team and support from UMG and NRJ Music Awards, the P2E game is well on track to achieve its goal.

    An overview of the gameplay

    The game is divided into three stages: collect, play and win. The player builds their label by purchasing and collecting 2 types of NFTs. These are artist cards and accessory cards and boosters, the latter of which elevate your performance. Additionally, there are four levels of rarity for each type of card – common, rare, epic and legendary.

    Once you have these cards, you can compete in tournaments against other players to improve your ranking. Your game results depend on the status of the artist featured on your artist card. This is because an Oracle system calculates an artist card’s score or status, depending on an artist’s real career trajectory and online hype.

    The Nafstars Leaderboard

    Nafstars’ weekly leaderboard allows you to earn rewards in $NSTARS chips and NFT cards, depending on your position in the leaderboard. This depends on a total score, which is calculated based on your cards’ scores. You also can use a booster card to improve your score.

    The top 10 players receive $NSTARS chips and NFT cards. The rest of the players on the leaderboard earn booster cards. Moreover, there’s also the option to earn passive income by staking and participating in liquidity pools.

    The $NSTARS token

    The NSTARS token is the foundation of the Nafstars ecosystem. It is an ERC20 token on Polygon, with a total supply of 600,000,000 tokens. The private sale of this token took place in December, and the presale began on February 1st. A total supply of 20 million tokens was put on sale. According to the project roadmap, IDO is set for February 21 and the staking programme for February 22.

    So far, Nafstars looks like the perfect music alternative to Sorare. The project is supported by high-profile individuals and companies. More importantly, it has partnered with major music labels and top-tier entertainment companies to elevate its profile. Only time will tell whether Nafstars lives up to expectations. Therefore, keep an eye on NFT Evening, as we will be the first to update you with everything related to this new P2E game.

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