• Meet Wisher Vodka, The First Ever Spirit Brand Of The Metaverse

  • Wisher Vodka is here, and it’s changing the way the alcohol industry operates. This new, women-owned Vodka brand exists entirely in the metaverse.

    Launching on Saturday, March 12th, this collection of 1056 cocktail-themed NFTs is flipping the concept of alcohol NFTs on its head by entering the metaverse before they have a physical store.

    Wisher Vodka is also teaming up with a host of successful Web 3.0 community partners. These partners include Sad Girls Bar, Peaceful Groupies, SupDucks and Apocalyptic Apes. The buying process is a mystery until the mint day – March 12th. Although, we do know that it will use ETH as the currency.

    The release of Wisher Vodka by Co-Founders Kimberly LaRose and Emily Gillis-Terry (aka Klow & Emtastic) is just the beginning. The team will host an SXSW VIP happy hour on March 15th in Austin, TX.

    “Before even a drop of vodka is sold at brick-and-mortar retailers, we want to celebrate our earliest supporters by launching Wisher Vodka in the Metaverse first,” LaRose said. “The Web 3.0 community has welcomed us with open arms, and we want to return some of that love on March 12th and then at SXSW on March 15th.”

    What is Wisher Vodka?

    In total, there are 1056 NFTs. There are 18 unique artworks in the genesis cocktail collection. The distribution of NFTs is as follows –

    650 Wisher Cocktail NFTs.
    400 Partnership Cocktail NFTs (featuring Wisher Vodka Web 3.0 community partners).
    Six 1/1 Signature “Founders” Cocktail NFTs come with a beautiful five-year supply of Vodka.

    Meanwhile, all of the Wisher Vodka NFTs come with a case of Vodka. Each box contains six bottles in total. One is a numbered bottle of the first 1056 bottles created, signed by the co-founders. Along with this are five bottles to share with friends and family. The Swag box comes with exclusive merchandise and extras, such as invitations to IRL events.

    Wisher Vodka also has a vast amount of digital utility. You will receive limited edition digital wearables for Decentraland. Reportedly, you will gain access to VIP areas in Decentraland, WL opportunities, access to metaverse events and much more.

    This gluten-free, grain-free Vodka is incredibly inclusive and is an American brand. The Vodka itself is extremely unique, and the product comes from beets. The Vodka is produced in Floria, but the beets are grown on family farms across the fields of North Dakota.

    Finally, the mint is happening this weekend. Although the mint process is a mystery, it is exciting to see a company building a metaverse space first, rather than the other way round. It is undoubtedly an exciting time for Wisher Vodka to enter the Web 3.0 space.

    To purchase one of these NFTs, you have to be 21 years of age, and it is worth checking on the website what states and Countries the company ships to.

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