• MetaJuice launches inaugural metaverse-based NFT collection

  • MetaJuice, the company creating blockchain-driven economies to unlock the full potential of the metaverse, is launching an NFT marketplace in collaboration with IMVU, a metaverse whose active daily users exceed one million.

    This is MetaJuice’s inaugural collection of NFT wearables. The first stage of the launch will be this fall. IMVU users will be able to wear and showcase their NFTs at once.

    Partnership with Immutable X

    Through a partnership with Immutable X, no gas fees will be due on creating and trading NFTs on the IMVU platform, allowing for seamless transactions. The new marketplace will enable gifting, reselling, and stock management on the IMVU platform for the first time.

    MetaJuice President John Burris commented:

    IMVU users have long purchased millions of dollars a month of digital goods. With the increased benefits brought by exclusives, limited runs, and resell, we believe NFTs will be additive to our already vibrant virtual economy.

    IMVU creator DuttyDesigns added:

    As someone that owns multiple NFTs outside of IMVU, I am very excited to partake in IMVU’s first NFT marketplace. I think it’s a great opportunity for content creators and owners of the exclusive items. I also love that IMVU is embracing all aspects of the metaverse, and I am very happy to learn and contribute.

    Partnership with luxury fashion house kicks off NFT marketplace

    To kick off the NFT marketplace, IMVU is collaborating with metaverse-native luxury fashion house Auroboros to host a design challenge. The challenge is to create a digital couture design using iconic symbols and textures inspired by nature, created by Auroboros.

    The collections will be judged by the co-founders of Auroboros, Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova. Designs will be converted into digital wearables and NFTs to be featured and sold on the IMVU NFT marketplace in the months to come.

    Creators will monetize their works

    Once launched, creators will receive a portion of the sales as part of the prizing package. The design challenge and other partnership events will kick off this summer.

    The NFTs will be fully integrated into the IMVU metaverse and eventually the creator studio tools, making NFTs an integral part of the community and economy.

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