• Metalink and OpenSea partner to power the future of NFT communities

  • OpenSea has just announced a dedicated server on Metalink for its verified users; which will give them a direct channel to interact with OpenSea for support, feedback or updates. Furthermore, at 10:30 PT/18:30 GMT, Stevey Tromberg (OpenSea’s Head of Community) and Jake Udell (Metalink’s CEO) will be on Twitter Space with @farokh to announce their partnership and share their thoughts about the project.

    OpenSea is partnering with Metalink after a series of scandals and mishaps. These included fraudsters impersonating OpenSea support staff, which in turn led to frustrated users without direct communication to the OpenSea team.

    Until now, users were unable to contact OpenSea for support and feedback. This is because OpenSea no longer supports customer service through Discord DMs. However, after meeting with Metalink’s CEO Jake Udell, OpenSea’s Head of Community, Stevey Tromberg, realised that Metalink can solve OpenSea’s communication problems.

    Metalink is building a hub for NFT communities to communicate effectively. The app is a one-stop shop. It’s a comprehensive space for NFT owners to connect, view their collection and get access to Alpha via a real-time transaction feed. The channels are token-gated, meaning it’s more safe and secure than a Discord channel. Furthermore, it prevents fraudsters from accessing certain spaces and fosters a positive space for NFT owners.

    By authenticating all OpenSea support members on Metalink, the platform protects and prevents users from being scammed. It also allows OpenSea to open up secure new channels of communication with its customer community.

    What does the partnership involve?

    Authenticated OpenSea support team members will spend a few hours a day on Metalink, communicating with OpenSea/Metalink users. During the initial beta phase, this feature will only be available to NFT owners of Metalink’s previously on-boarded collections. These include BAYC, World of Women and CryptoPunks NFT collections. However, after the beta phase, access to the OpenSea support team will be available for all OpenSea/Metalink users.

    Why is this partnership important for OpenSea?

    OpenSea has been hit by a number of setbacks that have led users to question the platform. These include listing bugs, non-responsive tickets, hacks, bugs, scams and so on. Other nascent marketplaces, such as LooksRare and Mintable, are trying to poach OpenSea users. Because of all the recent scandals, they have been partly successful.

    In spite of these setbacks, OpenSea remains the most popular NFT marketplace. In January 2022, OpenSea crossed one million active user wallets on the platform. However, if OpenSea wants to keep its users and attract new ones, it desperately needed to address the communication problem that plagued the platform. Therefore, the Metalink-OpenSea partnership is an excellent strategy to protect OpenSea’s position as the leading NFT market.

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