• Metap AI System Preps to Level up NFT and Metaverse Gaming

  • NFT GameFi ecosystem Metap is now gearing to become the leading NFT and metaverse gaming in the space. The project is based entirely on artificial intelligence, one of its key features. This technology can impact the NFT gaming ecosystem. Hence, bringing major change to both mobile and PC metaverse gaming.

    In detail, the beta version of the NFT game with AI features is already ready. In other words, players on the network will not have to worry about any development risk. Furthermore, Metap also enables its gamers to create and travel to different words governed by AI. Indeed, these features bring the game to a whole new level.

    In terms of technology, the game will have AAA graphics with AI features. Best of all, It will also integrate a large artificial intelligence-based cloning process that could level up the network’s gameplay.

    Meanwhile, the game will be fully playable on both online and multiplayer. It will also have a marketplace that is ready to connect with other games. The marketplace will feature many games as it keeps the game trading at the highest level. In addition, the sale of metaverse land and NFT accessories can be accepted.

    To maintain its market standing, Metap partners with several companies in the space. Metaps’ list of partners includes Smaugsnft, iXiR Swap, and CoinSale to name a few. There are also other incoming collaborations with other organizations, such as Gainpool within the month of February.

    On the other hand, the network will release a demo in 1-2 months after the launch and prepare the full version in 3-6 months. Above all, Metap will continue to develop its marketplace, and stakes system. The company is expected to finalize this development in 3 months.

    Moreover, Metap is already geared to be listed in many exchanges in the space. Based on the information obtained, a huge amount of $750 thousand will be added for the liquidity.

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