• MetaPharm: The Ultimate Play-to-Earn Battle-Strategy Game

  • Are you ready for the battle of the millennia? If so, the MetaPharm game has all it takes for the ultimate play-to-earn experience. From breeding to building and battling other players, this NFT-powered concept opens the door to a brand new virtual world starting March 1st.

    From a $1 million giveaway to its free NFT airdrops and staking, this project gives it all for the community, so let’s check it out!

    What is MetaPharm?

    In essence, MetaPharm is an NFT-powered game based on Play-to-Earn mechanics. Its storyline begins one century ago when the MetaPharm Universe was devastatingly struck by an asteroid. This event led to the destruction of the Mountain of Millenia. This was the only obstacle between the two communities inhabiting the land, which had been enemies forever.

    The asteroid created radioactive soil and seeds that could become a lucrative drug. One of the communities, the MetaThieves, started attacking the other community (MetaPigs) for the precious land.

    That’s where you come in. MetaPharm players can mint either Pigs or Thieves NFTs and join the Battle of the Millenia. Surprisingly, these are the only 2D avatar-style digital assets the project will ever release. Inspired by the BAYC and Dr. Suess, these artworks provide long-term value to their holders – so let’s check them out!

    The MetaPigs NFT collection

    The 13,000 MetaPigs live in Porkville, the initial settlement of all pigs in the MetaPharm Universe. Their society believes that everyone should look and think the same way – but the MetaThieves disagreed. As a result, Thieves angrily left the Pigs’ territory and now they’re back with a vengeance.

    The MetaThieves NFT collection

    When the 13,000 MetaThieves left Porkville, they created their own society on their own terms. However, their journey was far from easy mainly due to a lack of resources. The tough times and MetaPox outbreak forced MetaThieves to loot and steal from one another in a land now known as Thieveland.

    The perks of being an NFT holder

    n order to join the MetaPharm game, players must first mint their MetaThieves or MetaPigs NFTs. If you get your digital asset on March 1st, you’ll get a golden ticket to the 3D collection required for the blockchain game. Surprisingly, holders will get a free parcel in the MetaPharm Universe too!

    Of course, the team has many other exciting giveaways and perks for its community too:

    ● $1,000,000 giveaway (after the collection sells out)
    ● 1,000 free NFTs airdropped to whitelisted holders (500 MetaPigs and 500
    MetaThieves NFTs)
    ● 20% of all secondary royalties distributed among NFT holders (based on community

    Accordingly, the collections include 20 Legendary NFTs too. Every holder minting one of these digital assets will receive $1,000 in the form of ETH for 12 consecutive months after the collection sells out!

    In summary, the MetaPharm blockchain game is filled with possibilities – and you can shape its future too. The project DAO allows NFT holders to vote for important decisions; considering the project roadmap, the players’ journey has just begun.

    The project roadmap revealed

    Launching the MetaPigs / MetaThieves NFT collections is only the first step of the roadmap. By the end of Q3, the team will release Generation 1 3D playable characters for exclusive purchase to all holders!

    Meanwhile, project admins will also launch its native utility token called $SEEDS. Players will be able to earn and stake their NFTs to earn $SEEDS in order to grow their Pharms and battle for new land. As the marketplace releases, holders can also start trading in-game assets and characters for profit.

    These upgrades will be ready just in time for the Battle Version of the MetaPharm game release in Q4. At the same time, NFT breeding will also become possible, allowing holders to expand and strengthen their MetaPigs or MetaThieves NFTs.

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