• Metapurse Launches World’s First NFT Festival, “Dreamverse”

  • Dreamverse will take place in November at Manhattan’s Terminal 5 – which has hosted music industry greats like Run The Jewels.

    NFT investment fund Metapurse has announced Dreamverse, a unique festival focused exclusively on “NFT-focused music, art and technology”, which is being billed as the world’s “first ever” event of its kind. It will take place in New York City in November. This is the first physical event organized by Metapurse.

    The event’s top priorities include “EVERYDAYS: The First 5,000 Days,” by acclaimed contemporary artist Beeple – in addition to a full art exhibition and a concert of electronic music.

    In the announcement, Metapurse describes Dreamverse as a “dual” NFT-specific experience, with half of the event taking place during the day and the other half at night. During the day, the event will host the “Dreamverse Gallery” – with the “Dreamverse Party” taking over at night. Performing artists at the party include Alesso, RAC and PLS&TY.

    Alesso’s performance also marks the EDM artist’s own NFT series debut via the OneOf platform.

    What is Metapurse, and who is Metakovan?

    Metapurse self-describes as an NFT investment fund. In August, Metapurse was one of the key players in a $16 million investment round for Althea AI’s NFT bot “Metaverse,” alongside Mark Cuban, Crypto.com Capital and Galaxy Interactive, among others.

    The company was founded and is led by the pseudonym Metakovan (AKA Vignesh Sundaresan), whose first public interaction with artist Beeple dates back to early March of this year. In March this year, Metakovan was revealed to be the winner of a $69 million auction for the Beeple-produced NFT.

    Beeple’s latest NFT piece will debut at Dreamverse in November.

    A possible Dreamverse

    Back in June,2 Miami hosted “Bitcoin 2021,” the “largest Bitcoin event in history,” featuring thought leaders like Jack Dorsey. It also provided a platform for the burgeoning NFT space – attracting prominent modern artists, Beeple, and others.

    Dreamverse may be the next big cryptocurrency event, which will take place on November 4, 2021 at “Terminal 5” in Manhattan, New York City.Terminal 5 is a multi-level event venue that can accommodate up to 3,000 attendees – however, this capacity was calculated prior to the pandemic, and the maximum attendance will likely be much lower than that.

    Previously, Terminal 5 has hosted some of the biggest names in music, including Run The Jewels, Bring Me The Horizon, Travis Scott, Bonobo, and many, many more.

    This made it a more fitting venue for the first ever NFT-focused festival and marked the transition of NFT artists from over-the-top experimenters to established rock stars.

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