• MetaRobotica: The Latest 3D NFT Collection with Tokenisation and P2E technologies

  • MetaRobotica is a collection of advanced 3D collectibles driven by powerful AI and secured as NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Their genesis collection will include 8,888 NFTs that will be able to be used for breeding the next generation of characters.

    About MetaRobotica

    MetaRobotica is a soon-to-come NFT project of 8,888 items with 3D aspects and a lot of hype on various social media platforms. On Twitter, the project amassed over 15,000 followers since joining the platform in December 2021. Plus, they have an incredible 49,000 active members on Discord too.

    The Genesis collection includes 8,888 NFTs that will breed the next generation of characters.

    Notably, owners of the NFTs will receive premium benefits in the project’s ecosystem. Apparently, these will consist of; governance rights, submitting proposals and voting on initiatives. What’s more, they promise first rights to characters, weapons, spaceships, and token yielding too.

    Metarobotica NFT Collection also has its own governance token. Essentially, the $MROB token will allow you to make your voice heard in the society of MetaRobotica. How does it work? Well, the more tokens you have, the more influential your vote will be. Furthermore, holders can also use these governance tokens in the Vanilla Forge and the MetaRobotica market.

    Finally, they also aim to release a play-to-earn game. Accordingly, the Metarobotica NFTs will be essential for access to the game. Apparently, players will be able to earn both $MROB and NFTs just for playing! Although we don’t yet know the game’s release date, you can be sure to find the most up-to-date information on their social media channels.

    The Trend of 3D NFTs

    3D NFTs have been a trend in the NFT space for a while now. Just look at notable collections such as Mekaverse and HAPEBEAST, whose floors sit at 0.95 and 2.81 ETH respectively. With a move towards the metaverse, avatar projects have had a heavy interest in 3d renders and more. Clearly, we’ll see a continuation of this great trend far into 2022.

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