• Metaversal launches MetaLetters DAO to invest in the Web3 community

  • Metaversal, the NFT venture studio and investment firm, is launching a new project. Called the MetaLetters DAO, this innovative project aims to support community creators worldwide and directly invest in the Web3 community.

    Metaversal will focus on shaping the metaverse, making it more equitable and open. Importantly, it wants to create a decentralized inclusive space for everyone. This is welcome news for the NFT community, hoping to gain traction in the wider world.

    “We’re creating a truly decentralized way to enable our community to decide what Metaversal’s brand can look like, and which will represent the evolving culture of the metaverse — all in an aim to showcase and support new artists and creators,” said Yossi Hasson, CEO and co-founder of Metaversal.

    What is the Metaversal MetaLetters DAO?

    The MetaLetters DAO is to be governed by the holders and creators of the impressive MetaLetters. In fact, Metaversal started a competition on Twitter to choose the artists for the project. In total, ten artists made it to the final. Now, users have a chance to vote for their favourite submissions until February 7th.

    Over 1,818 days, MetaLetters is auctioning a letter every day. The auction winners not only get a fantastic NFT letter, but they also gain automatic entry into the DAO. Furthermore, the auction proceeds between the artists and the DAO treasury, according to MetaVersal.

    The three artists who get the most likes and retweets on Twitter also earn an NFT. Meanwhile, the artist with the most votes will see their work turned into the first NFT in the MetaLetters collection.

    Finally, if you want to participate in the Metaversal community vote, you still have a few days to vote. This is a significant move by Metaversal and hopefully brings some greatly needed inclusivity to the NFT space.

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