• Metaverse Chess Becomes A Reality With Animoca Brands x Play Magnus

  • PMG’s Meltwater Champions Chess Tour is coming to The Sandbox metaverse! Animoca Brands and Play Magnus Group has inked a partnership to bring the tournament, and other pieces in the PMG chess ecosystem onto the blockchain. Lympo, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands will be spearheading this project, finally making metaverse chess a reality.

    Metaverse chess incoming

    Chess, being one of the fastest growing e-sports, will certainly contribute to mainstream NFT adoption. The large number of professional and casual players, followers and fans will soon be able to enjoy a far more immersive experience through the metaverse.

    Lympo’s roadmap includes several interesting projects to develop metaverse chess. Firstly, they will focus on bringing the tournament into The Sandbox. The tournament will have social tokens for fans to interact with their favorite players. Holders will also be eligible to participate in voting sessions, lotteries, questionnaires, and polls.

    In addition, the sports NFT platform will create custom-designed and animated NFT collections depicting top chess players such as Magnus Carlsen, Anish Giri, and Hans Niemann. These individualized NFT digital collectible cards will be integrated into Lympo’s NFT ecosystem, offering additional utility.

    While both companies are working on a blockchain chess-inspired game centered around the tournament, PMG also has plans to create virtual experiences in The Sandbox’s open metaverse.

    Play Magnus Group

    PMG is an ecosystem of innovative digital brands and services, built for chess fans around the world. The company has some of the most notable chess-related platforms in the industry. All this made possible through the leadership and experience of Magnus Carlsen, a world champion himself.

    Besides providing platforms to play chess, millions of users also watch, study, learn, coach and compete within the ecosystem. The organization is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, coming off a wonderful year of growth.

    The chess community is on the edge of their seats as Play Magnus Group, Lympo, along with Animoca Brands’ vast network kickoff this project!

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