• Metaverse Platform OVR Fosters NFT Adoption on Polygon

  • Fast-rising metaverse platform OVR has hit another milestone, becoming the biggest gas burner on Polygon in the past few weeks. Over 778k NFTs representing OVRLands were minted to 26.8k unique addresses within this period.

    Significant milestone

    This development represents a major milestone for OVRLand and shows the massive adoption within its ecosystem. Currently, OVR has the highest number of NFT holders within its community, far more extensive than its competitors, Decentraland and Sandbox.

    The recent spike in users is mainly due to the migration of OVRLand to layer-2 blockchain network Polygon. Polygon provides a highly scalable architecture for Ethereum native projects with reduced gas costs, thereby providing users with a better experience.

    OVRLand has already benefited from this as users can maximize liquidity for OVR tokens while minimizing gas costs for all OVRLand related transactions. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of NFTs minted on Polygon has increased in recent weeks.

    An innovative metaverse ecosystem

    OVR is a unique metaverse ecosystem that enables users to explore different contents, including games, video and experience a fresh new world. The OVR metaverse is made up of plots of lands called OVRLand that are NFTs and can be purchased by users.

    OVRLand owners can create AR and VR digital experiences and place them on their properties for money. In addition, they can also earn OVR tokens by selling their NFTs in a marketplace or renting them to advertisers.

    OVR tokens are cross-chained and can be used across the Ethereum, Polygon and BSC ecosystems. Additionally, it serves as a payment token on the inbuilt marketplace and reward token for its staking dApp.

    OVR has also developed mobile-friendly apps where users can have an optimized metaverse experience on their mobile devices.

    More developments in the horizon

    OVR has already revealed that it would continue developing new products and features set to launch in the coming weeks. The OVRMaps NFT integration and renting smart contracts feature will be released by Q1 2022.

    Furthermore, OVR envisages that Polygon will enable the development of 3D assets marketplaces, direct-to-avatar sales of digital items – clothes and skins, micropayment experience, etc.

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