• MIRL x Bybit Combine Forces To Launch Exciting FashionFi NFTs

  • The MIRL project has just announced a partnership with Bybit. Bybit will become the project’s official presenting partner through this partnership and continue to expand NFT innovation and the FashionFi movement.

    About the partnership

    This collaboration allows MIRL to reach more than 6 million Bybit users. It will also enable MIRL to leverage Bybit’s capabilities to strengthen the MIRL ecosystem. MIRL NFT holders will gain exclusive access to 6.88% APY on Ether (ETH) via Flexible Staking for 30 days on Bybit. Interestingly, such a privilege is the first among centralized exchanges.

    Bybit has also acquired 1,111 of the 8,888 NFTs in the MIRL genesis collection, which will launch on March 10. These 1,111 NFTs will continue to grow the project’s reputation, as they will be distributed to the VIPs of the Bybit ecosystem.

    Igneus Terrenus, Head of Communications at Bybit, commented on this partnership: “MIRL is a great partner for us because we share similar values, such as ethical products like slow fashion, to unify sustainability with ethics, as well as creating next level NFT and metaverse projects.”

    In addition to FashionFi NFTs, MIRL will also organise offline activations. These will take the form of pop-up shops in various global cities, including New York and Singapore. Here, MIRL holders and Bybit VIPs will gain access to exclusive events that celebrate the FashionFi movement.

    About MIRL

    MIRL is a DAO with more than 300 aspiring designers. It was founded by designers and strategists who have worked with global brands such as Nike, Google and H&M. The DAO is launching its genesis NFT series as well as its token in March. In addition to owning the NFT, NFT holders gain access to designs created in-house.

    This move follows the recent news that both Decentraland and Paris Hilton are organising their own metaverse fashion week. It is safe to say that it is a very exciting time for the fashion industry as it continues to explore Web3 opportunities.

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