• MixMarvel partners with Polygon Studios to enrich blockchain gaming experience

  • Polygon Studios, Polygon’s games and NFT division, announced its latest partnership with MixMarvel, the world’s leading game publishing platform.The MixMarvel platform will integrate Polygon and be part of building the most powerful content platform in the NFT space.

    MixMarvel will distribute blockchain games and NFT content by optimizing resource allocation and creating a decentralized platform for developers. With a history of successful development of high-quality blockchain games such as HyperDragons, HyperSnakes and DeHero, the partnership with Polygon Studios will provide developers with additional opportunities for efficient and high-quality distribution services.

    To enrich the gaming ecosystem, the two companies will implement their expertise and skills to create a comprehensive decentralized game distribution strategy in IP acquisition, brand licensing, content creation, product distribution and community operations. In addition, the use of Rocket Protocol, designed specifically for blockchain games by MixMarvel, ensures a high degree of decentralization and eliminates the learning barrier for developers by providing blockchain development services for large mainstream games.

    The extensive resources of both parties will provide users with an enhanced gaming experience and players will be able to enjoy an immersive decentralized gaming world as well as the opportunity to make money from their games.With over 300 games and NFT projects already in place, Polygon is the ideal partner to create a developer-friendly and user-friendly decentralized app ecosystem.

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